Rumor: Star Trek Land at Universal Studios?


Ben Pearson writing for /Film

Disney and More have heard rumors that the building which housed Universal Studios’ Terminator 2 3D experience is looking to be filled with either a Bourne Identity or Star Trek-themed attraction, and those whispers have been floating around the theme park fan community for a while now. But a bigger rumor has also emerged, and it claims Universal is planning an entire Star Trek Land for the company’s unofficially announced fourth park – and we’ve heard similar rumblings from our own sources, too.

Universal bought a ton of land next to the convention center a couple of years ago, and it’s only a matter of time until they announce the fourth theme park that will occupy that land. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but a Star Trek Land in that park seems like a blunt way to take on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the immersive new Disney park that will open next year.” 

Seems a little reductive to just throw one star property against another star property, doesn’t it? I love both series, but the differences and rivalries between the two franchises are a running gag amongst fans. That being said, it does line up with the old narrative that Disney is for families and Universal is for the “mature” crowd. 

The comparison gets amusing when you look at box office numbers. In order of release dates, the rebooted Star Trek has made $257m, $228m, and $158 m. Compare that to the $936m, $532m, and $620m that Star Wars commands. Harry Potter may have saved Universal, but Disney is bringing in the big blasters.