More Alcohol Available at the Magic Kingdom (at Restaurants)

     AJ writing for The Disney Food Blog

”Magic Kingdom made headlines in 2012 when Be Our Guest Restaurant, home to the Beast and continually one of Disney World’s toughest reservations to book, became the first location ever to serve alcohol in the park.

Why such a big deal? Walt Disney himself famously prohibited alcohol in his original park, Disneyland, in Anaheim, California (which is still a dry park, save for the ultra-exclusive. members-only Club 33); and it was his wish to not serve alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, either. So many Disney traditionalists protest the addition of beer and wine to the menus in these parks.”

I have to be honest with all of you here. Not only do I read this as good news, I'm really excited at the prospect of the Magic Kingdom expanding the availability of alcoholic beverages.

My biggest problem with some Disney fans' apprehension to having alcohol in the Magic Kingdom is how easily accessible it is elsewhere on property. @Drunkatdisney wrote an entire book about how to drink literally everywhere else at Disney, and I encourage a purchase. It's great. If you don't like the idea of alcohol at Disney that's okay, but you have to accept the fact that adults on vacation can enjoy drinks responsibly.