Bus Times come to My Disney Experience

Thomas Smith from the the official Disney Parks Blog

Today, we’re rolling out a brand new bus time feature in the My Disney Experience mobile app that enables guests to spend less time waiting at the bus stop and more time getting ready for a fun-filled day in the parks. With this feature, guests can quickly discover up-to-the-minute estimates for when the next buses will depart from their Disney Resort hotel and when they will complete their journey to their destination.

Most tourists visit Disney without having a plan, so this new feature is going give them one hell of a leg up on their vacation. As a local who uses monorails instead of buses I won’t get much use out of this, but I think a monorail, boat, and skyliner version of this is inevitable. Imagine a world where you’re hanging out at galaxy’s edge, consider heading over to world showcase, and see in the app that the skyliner would get you there at 5:30. That’s pretty compelling.

The app also has user interface improvements, which will hopefully make it a little more discoverable for the average user. I’m a bit of a tech nerd, and even I have issues finding features within the previous version of the app. With only a few moments playing around with the new version, I can tell you the menu at the bottom makes it much easier to navigate.