Rumor: Harry Potter & the Forbidden Forest Coaster Details


There’s no way to know if this video is 100% accurate, but it still has me pretty damn excited. If you’re someone that is averse to spoilers, I would avoid it. It just seems a little too perfect to not be at least a little accurate.

That being said, man oh man this sounds amazing. I was really let down by Escape from Gringotts. It was billed as a high tech rollercoaster like you saw in the movie, but instead we got a very tame screen based ride. This seems like a direct response to that poor reception. In stark contrast to Gringotts, I’ve heard rumors that there is a bit of a “no screens” policy for this experience. The ride system itself also sounds like a big step up for Universal. I won’t spoil those details here, but I will say Disney doesn’t have anything like this.  

Normally, a single coaster might have a hard time competing with the juggernaut that is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but if there is any property that could do that, it’s Harry Potter.