First Look at nighttime lighting at Toy Story Land

This is a pretty solid look at Toy Story Land, set to open next week at Hollywood Studios. The nighttime lighting for Slinky’s coaster looks like it’s worth both a day & night ride. The lighting for the Alien Spin attraction on the other hand looks like a playhouse Disney dance party. Granted, I haven’t seen any of this in person. That will have to wait until next Saturday. 

I’m genuinely surprised that Disney doesn’t sell more toys based off of their theme park attractions. They sell the monorail playset, but I don’t feel like I ever really see toys based on expedition Everest ride vehicles. I would have to imagine the “toy” aspect of these rides was a motivating factor. Still, these toys look like such an easy sell for kids. Parents, be prepared to accidentally step on a few of those aliens after your Toy Story Land visit.